Video Surveillance Systems

Remotely monitor site operations with security camera apps.

It is impossible to be everywhere at once, and those responsible for operations at more than one location understand this better than anyone.

For this reason, many agree that the purpose of having live security cameras has evolved from just surveillance of criminal activity to becoming a useful tool in accountability, coaching and operational management.

Security camera apps provide remote network access to both live camera views and recorded surveillance video footage.

Advantages to Cloud-Based Surveillance

  • Lower upfront cost for equipment
  • PC, MAC OS, Apple iOS, Android full accessibility
  • Triple replication of surveillance footage
  • All upgraded features included as they are released
  • Full helpdesk support and management of hardware
  • Easy to add/remove users
  • All locations on one login
  • Live viewing without compromising data security

If you are just using your surveillance video for security,


10 Ways to Use Surveillance Footage to Enhance Operations

Get inspired with this complimentary surveillance resource!

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