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Protect Yourself with Our Small Business Cyber Security Plan

If your company depends on having access to the information stored on your server or PC, then it’s time to get serious about protecting it from damage or loss.

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Comprehensive Data Protection Designed for Small Businesses.

An Guardian Security Software: all-inclusive SMB cyber security plan for 10 or less computers

Small businesses are targeted by malicious threats more than ever. Cyber criminals realize that the easiest way to make a quick buck is to ransom your data or use your network as a means to access the vulnerabilities of the larger companies you do business with. Just having a firewall or anti-virus in place is not enough to protect your business from being attacked, but putting together each element of a comprehensive protection plan together piece by piece can be expensive which is why typically it is only seen in large enterprise environments
… until now.

Guardian Security Software provides five levels of protection without hardware costs or expensive maintenance.

  1. Security Gateway
  2. Endpoint Security
  3. Patch Management
  4. 5GB of Cloud Backup
  5. 24/7 Remote Support

Our cyber security plan — Guardian SMB — offers an affordable month-to-month subscription model that was developed specifically for small businesses who wanted to protect their business and their budget through computer security support.

Affordability doesn’t mean low quality as our Guardian Cyber Security provides the same level of protection (if not better) as used by large corporations to safe-guard their critical files and data from unauthorized parties.  Learn more about our other data networking services.

multi layer data protection
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Real-time Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Protection
  • Advanced Threat Detection (ATD)
  • CryptoLock Protection
  • Malicious Traffic Detection (MTD)
  • Content Filtering System
  • SSL Interception

Also includes: Business Class Router, 16 Port Data Switch, Firewall, Virtual Private Network Access (VPN), Root Cause Analysis, Advanced Virus Cleanup, Peripheral Control, Application Control, and Web Control.

unlimited remote support
  • 5GB of Cloud Backup
    • Disaster Recovery for Critical Files
    • Backup Management
    • Military Grade Cloud Encryption
  • 24/7 Remote Technology Support
    • IT Support via Secure Remote Access for all on-site technology no matter the installer (phones, computers, background music, speakers, telecom & data providers, etc.)
    • Cleanup Scripting
    • OS Security Patch Management
month to month pricing

Cyber Security Monthly Service

  • Affordable Pricing

  • Available Add-On Options

  • Monthly Subscription Rates


ADD-ON OPTIONS (available for Professional, Premium and Executive plans):
  • 20 GB of additional cloud backup storage   ($15/mo.)
  • Wi-Fi with dual SSID signals   ($15/mo.)
  • Unlimited on-site service technician dispatches   ($100/mo.)**
    **ADDED BONUS: We will waive installation charge of $195 with this option!

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“Since Guardian manages security patches for my software and secures my network at every level, I no longer fear attacks like Petya or WannaCry.”

“The off-the shelf solutions left too many vulnerabilities exposed and the enterprise level security exceeding my available budget.”

“This month alone 3 ransomware viruses were stopped and 9 major exploits were plugged up. This could have meant disaster to my business. If that ransomware got through our system we would have been crippled.”