Top Cloud Solutions for your Business

Cloud Services Enhance Operations

Cloud solutions often eliminate costly and bulky hardware on site, using the internet to connect to a hosted service located in an offsite, secure location. The benefits of cloud computing go beyond the low price tag as advantages such as fast updates and changes are appealing to businesses of all sizes. If your business is new to cloud services, here are our recommended solutions to get you started.

Cloud Wi-Fi

Compared to traditional copper and fiber, Wi-Fi offers businesses a flexible network infrastructure for a range of uses.

Building an advanced wireless network gives businesses a foundation to make use of big data in marketing and sales, and now that foundation is affordable.

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Cloud Video Surveillance

Manage multiple locations from the palm of your hand. Our user-friendly cloud-based video surveillance is secure and easy on the budget.

Visit our surveillance page for ten tips to get the most value from your video surveillance.

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Cloud Backup

Maintaining regular backups to an offsite cloud storage protects your business in case of disaster and provides safe recovery of files that may be held ransom by cyber attacks.

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Hosted Background Music

Using a hosted music provider for your background music is one way to ensure all locations follow the audio guidelines for your brand strategy. Change playlists or change to seasonal song selections with the push of a button.

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Hosted Phone Systems

From basic needs to fully integrated systems that support Unified Communications or SD-WAN, our team is available to help you select the phone system to get your business connected.

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Digital Signage

Get in front of your customers and communicate with your team using digital signage. Digital signage is a proven method of distributing information that gets remembered. Menu boards, meeting room signage, directories, digital wall displays and reminder boards are all ways to convey your message and your brand. Digital signage with Tie National can help you get your brand across multiple locations with ease.

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